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Calvert-County-Signs-MDNorthern High School, built in the early 1970’s, is located in Northern Calvert County, Maryland. We are a vibrant community of workers and professionals sitting between the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay. Historically, the county was home to tobacco farmers and watermen who pulled their living from the bay in the form of fish, oysters and crabs.

Today, the county is largely a commuter community of families whose CBeach1breadwinners work in Annapolis, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and its suburbs. Still, the county retains much of its waterfront heritage. Most of the tobacco farms are gone, but the Northern school zone includes well-known bayfront communities like North Beach, Chesapeake Beach and Breezy Point. It is a community of marinas, crab houses and seafood restaurants. The beaches have long, beautiful boardwalks that run along the Bay and our students fish, crab and enjoy living in a county surrounded on three sides by water.NorthBeachMD

Northern High School has a long-standing and well-considered journalism program including our nationally award winning newsmagazine, The Patriot Press, an award winning yearbook, Patriot Images, and our weekly news and information television news program, WNHS-TVThe Patriot Press Online was one of the first student news publications to join the World Wide Web, initially launching in 1995. The current version of the site includes the work of journalism students from the publications, the TV show as well as our beginning writers in Journalism I designed to provide up-to-date content to our school and community. Stop by regularly for updates about the school, interesting people, reviews of new releases in every medium, and more updated most days.


Contact the adviser, Gary Clites, by e-mail at clitesg@calvertnet.k12.md.us.

Patriot Press Policies

The Patriot Press is the student newsmagazine of Northern High School in Owings, Maryland. It is written, edited and designed by the Journalism students of NHS. The magazine is not an official publication of Northern High School or of the Calvert County Public Schools. The content of the magazine represents the ideas and opinions of the student writers and editors. These views are not necessarily shared by the administration or staff of Northern High School or of the Calvert County Public Schools.

Unsigned editorials represent the opinion of the majority of the editorial board.

The Patriot Press is entirely advertiser supported. The publication reserves the right to reject any content or advertising it deems inappropriate for distribution in the school. We do not accept any advertising for reproductive services or for or against any reproductive issues. We do not accept advertising related to alcohol, guns, or other items deemed inappropriate by the editorial board.

The Patriot Press, both in print and online, respects the rights of copyright holders. Under the Fair Use Doctrine of copyright law, some images, videos and music can be used without remuneration and without the direct permission of the copyright holder. The Patriot Press in all media strictly adheres to the rules of Fair Use. Some copyrighted images in this publication are obtained and displayed according to these rules. Some images may be used if they are obtained from sources certifying that they are in the public domain. In all other cases, permission of the copyright holder has been obtained.

Letters to the Editor are very welcome. Email them to clitesg@calvertnet.k12.md.us or drop them in Mr. Clites’ mail box in the main office.

Patriot Press Staff • 2014-2015

Editors in Chief: Madison Griffith, Hailey Guit

Assistant Editors: Maggie Luke, Kayla Nalepa

Managing Editors: Lauren Downs

News Editors: Katelyn Hartmann, Ian Cleary

Feature Editors: Aiyonna White, Jenna Jaeger

Sport Editors: Bradley Bogaczyk, Alec Howard

Entertainment Editor: Jordan Carbo, Serena Bronk

Opinion Editor: Joey Almony

Pete’s Pick Editor: Christian Daniel

Art Editor: Micaela Snannon

Photo Editors: Emma Donaldson, Becca Emerson

Photographer: Payton Fleming, Micael Vaeth

Online Editor: Andrew Jaeger

Advertising/Business Manager: Hannah Wilson

Survey Director: Braeden Mcfayden

Adviser: Gary Clites

WNHS-TV Staff • 2014-2015

Executive Producers: Alison Fleming, John Headley

Producer: Jacob Poole, Sage Larson

Associate Producer: Russ Bertino, Jordan Clark

Script Editor: Vallen King, Madison Long, Samantha Watkins

Quiz Producer: James Hemry, Nick Bunting

Sport Producer: Cory Miller, Tommy Zumstein

Equipment Manager: Maria Jacobsen, Lindsay Hobbs

Stage Manager: Michaela Kite, Cheyenne Varney

Promotions Manager: Alison Fleming, Jessica Untch

Bloopers Producer: Daniel Harting, Alexys Adams

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