Kickoff to a new era

Coach Crounse hopes to bring a new beginning to the Patriot football team.

by Abe Hubbard and Kelli Kaiser

New football coach Mr. Steve Crounse

Following his players onto the field of M&T Bank Stadium last fall, Mr. Steve Crounse is eager, excited and poised to pursue his first Maryland State Football Championship. As Patuxent’s head coach, he brought the second state championship to Calvert county.  

Accepting the job as head coach of Northern’s team for the 2017 season, he knows that he has opened a new chapter in his life. Crounse says he hopes to bring the same values, traditions, and assets to this school that he did at Patuxent. Football players around the school are excited for the fall season. Crounse iled Patuxents team to multiple state and regional championships.

“Obviously, I was attracted to the athletics program and the amount of success they have had there,” said Crounse. “They have excelled academically which is a testament to the teachers, students, and support staff.” Crounse saw this as an opportunity to be a part of a school that consistently produces great teams and players across a wide array of sports. The area also attracts his family because of the community. The elementary schools are excellent, and it would be closer to his job. He likes that the school has great coaches, dedicated athletes, and a strong community support. “I am excited to join the Northern family,” he stated.

Crounse meeting with football players in the Mary Harrison Center.

Crounse hopes to make the Patriots the strongest team in Southern Maryland. The team will perform three core lifts every day. They will focus lifts on their hips and glutes to enhance speed and will work on lifts that utilize one joint structure for more focused development of a certain muscle group.

The team will also compete in some seven on seven tournaments, perform some service projects, attend Shepherd University for camp, and train together during the summer months so they are physically ready for August. “This is about making a personal investment.. if you make an investment, it’s hard to quit on yourself during trying times,” Crounse said. “We are looking for our guys to make that investment, so we can go 100 miles per hour on Fridays in the fall.”

He plans to keep some of the coaching staff, but for the most part the staff will be new. Including Crounse, four of the new coaches will be former head football coaches. Many of the assistants have worked at programs in Maryland. “One interesting statistic about the coaches who have committed to Northern so far is that they have coached in a total of 14 state championships,” Crounse said. “I think that is a good pedigree for understanding what we need to do to get Northern to the top of the state high school football mountain.”

Crounse is planning activities that will allow the players to bond and also allow them to get to know him outside of the football environment. He plans to create great relationships with all of the football players. The number one core value to Crounse in this program is building his players into productive men. “Building trust with your players is the cornerstone of developing a cohesive team with the singleness of purpose,” he said.

“Football provides an excellent tool for building brotherhood and selfless friendships that last a lifetime,” Crounse said. He wants as many young men as possible to get involved and compete. He also wants to create a program that students and the community can be proud of, one that kids get excited about, and one they want to be a part of.

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