Making Up Things

Fleming showing off her work.

Senior Lindsay Fletcher’s hobby of using makeup techniques has led her to opportunities

by Jordan Carbo

Entertainment Editor

Fleming showing off her work.

Fleming showing off her work.

The zombies and scars and eight eyed people seen in movies may look realistic, but there are artists behind the magic. Senior Lindsay Fletcher loves to create makeup effects herself, crafting fake gunshot wounds and creepy skeleton faces for Halloween fun, as well as regular face makeup to glam up for special events.

Q: What sparked your interest in special effects?

A: I first started watching this show on the SyFy Channel called Face Off

. It’s a show where people compete in different challenges to make people into monsters or animals or anything you can think of.

Q: Does it ever come in handy?

A: It’s very handy when Halloween comes around. I like to do scary makeup and mess around with some of the kids on my street. I also like to do beauty makeup so it helps during Prom or any event I have to do

A zombie hand

A zombie hand

Q: Have you used your skill for school?

A: Yes. I did special effects for the fall play, Zombietown. It was a really fun experience to teach and learn new techniques with the other girls I did it with.

Q: Do any makeup artists inspire you?

A: My idol is the Queen of Special Effects Makeup, Ve Neill. She did the makeup for the films Beetlejuice, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Ed Wood.

Q: Are you interested in making a career out of it?

A: Yes. I will be going to Montclair State University and majoring in Costume Design to get my certificate in special effects and beauty makeup. I want to work on Broadway or Hollywood after I graduate college.

An aquatic themed arm design

An aquatic themed arm design

Q: Do you take classes to develop your skills?

A: I am self taught but if I want to learn new techniques and inspiration I watch YouTubers like Ellimacs SFX makeup or Glam and Gore.

Q: How often do you practice?

A: I practice whenever I have free time or when an idea pops into my head, and I want to create it.

Q: Do you do makeup for other people?

A: Yes. If someone wants me to do their makeup, I gladly agree. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do.

Q: What is the best part?

A: My favorite part of doing what I do is making people look like a creature or a zombie and seeing their reaction. It always makes me smile when someone loves what I made them look like.

Q: Do you charge people to do their makeup?

A: I wouldn’t charge money to do someone’s makeup. If I get offered money, that’s just an added bonus. I just like to see people happy with what I do.

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