November 2011

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Thanksgiving Disasters

The aroma of turkey fills the air as families across America sit down for their traditional feast.  Most people think of Thanksgiving as a peaceful time shared with family and friends, a day to relax…

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Ten Stupid Questions with Runner Jonathan Ryder

Senior Jonathan Ryder is captain of this year’s regional champion boys cross country team. He also actively participates in National Honor Society and enjoys physics class. We’re not sure whether he enjoyed dealing with our…

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Review: Blink 182’s Neighborhoods

  Blink 182 has released their new album, Neighborhoods, after seven years of working apart on individual projects. The band proves they still have it and that they haven’t changed since their last album. The…

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Two New Clubs During Lunch Plus More

Model U.N. This year, instead of staying in the cafeteria both A and B lunch, students have more opportunities to go to clubs and other activities during lunch.  Some students have taken the initiative to…

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Review: Cole World: The Sideline Story

Rap Artist J. Cole released his latest album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, last month. It is his first official album as the rest of his work was on free mixtapes. The album features many…

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