Five Things To Do On a Rainy Day

raincldThe sky darkens, the clouds converge, and, accompanied by a reverberating crackle of thunder, sheeting rain starts to pour from above.  After a Summer of droughts, we are finally experiencing a rrainy week. Although precipitation might be the death of picnics, the delay of baseball games, and the ruin of all things suede, consider the following fun alternatives to sulking when the weather goes south.

1. Set up a slip-n-slide

Rather than waste that precious resource, water, skip the hose and allow Mother Nature to wet a long sheet of plastic to make for an eco-friendly slip-n-slide.  The best locations for a slip-n-slide are grassy hills that smoothly level off into a safe depositing area (nowhere near the woods).  Insider tip: Check for rocks and other sediments before laying down the plastic.SlipnSlide

2. Host a miniature sailboat race

Take advantage of the swelling creek and host a sailboat regatta.  Wealthy parents need not be required. A regular bar of soap or a milk carton can serve as the premier sailboat model.  Insider tip: Avoid styrofoam as the main building material for the craft or else you may end up with a pulpy mess of a boat halfway through the race.

3. Break out the Play-Doh

Most high schoolers have not touched Play-Doh since they were five. This is the perfect time to start molding masterpieces now that most know better than to eat it.  Get a group of friends together to create animals, vehicles, and small scale replicas of the Eiffel Tower before adulthood completely stunts all forms of creativity.  Insider tip: Play-Doh will leave a greasy residue on walls, so engage in Play-Doh fights with caution.

4. Heat up the oven

That drawer of never-been-tried recipes clipped from old magazines is ready to be opened.  Expand culinary experience while satisfying hunger pangs by baking delectable pastries, decadent cookies, and superb souffles.  Insider tip: Recent Salmonella scares really drive home the point that raw dough should not be consumed.

origami5. Learn the art of Origami

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding dating back to 105 A.D.  How these ancient people figured out how to create such ornate animals out of a sheet of paper when most high schoolers struggle with making a decent paper airplane is beside the point.  To gain refinement and the ability to give others a very impressive and cost efficient gift, learn how to turn ordinary paper into virtually any extraordinary animal. hosts hundreds of paper folding designs.

–Jessica Murray, The Patriot Press

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  1. Ashly Colicchio | October 16, 2010 at 12:19 am |

    I’d have to say I honestly miss newspaper and I thought I’d be one of the only people to ever comment on the blog. Haha that’s really all i had to say. Oh and these 5 things definitely sound like Chubbs. Good luck guys!!!

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