Guide to Homecoming for Girls and Guys

Ten things for girls to do before Homecoming

Senior Brittany Menne dress shopping.

Senior Brittany Menne dress shopping.

1. Find a dress that fits you perfectly and a fun date to buy your ticket.

2. Find the right shoes that make you look fabulous.

3. Make sure you go tanning or get a spray tan, orange is in.

4. Get your nails and toes done so you look just right.

5. Dig through your drawers to find that shiny necklace.

6. Make your hair stay in one place for the whole night.

7. Do your make-up well because this is the only time you get to really express yourself.

8. Buy your date a really nice looking but pointless


9. Get to the before party on time, or fashionably late.

10. Take a million and two pictures because your mom is obsessed and there are a ton of people there.

Ten things a guy must do to prepare for Homecoming

1. Find a date. Think of some creative way and ask that girl you’ve been creeping on Facebook for weeks.

2. After finding your date begin to search for your attire – a dress shirt, dress pants, and snazzy shoes.

3. Make sure your outfit matches your date’s!

4. Order you’re date a corsage, preferably one that matches her dress.

5. Make the plans. Ask where you both want to go before and what’s going on after.

6. Plan a night that your date will remember and maybe, if you’re lucky, she will start to “creep” on you too.

7. Don’t forget: You must pay for the tickets. Be a gentleman.

8. Pick your date up and take as many pictures as she wants. Be nice to her parents.

9. Treat the lady like a princess.

10. Dance with your date and have fun.

–Candace Friedman & Gabrielle Henwood, The Patriot Press

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